Coronavirus ( People Help )

TOTAL COST PER FOOD PACKAGE IS $31.00 USD  a month per household.
As the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, consequently the
coronavirus outbreak has impacted nearly every industry globally in recent times. With number of cases
increasing each day around the world resulting into the lockdown period being extended, it is difficult for
the poor who needs to leave house daily to feed his family.
Pakistan also enforced the lockdown across country. Nevertheless, 25 percent of Pakistan’s 220 million
population lives under poverty line and majority work as daily wagers who are affected immensely
during the lockdown with loss of livelihood, hunger and starvation. They are not able to find work and
provide for their families and despite government’s announcements to reach this population on priority;
the support is yet to arrive on ground which is unfortunately delayed.
However, the NGOs/local welfare/associations promptly started providing food packages to the
communities but it is limited to certain groups or based on ethnicity/religion. Christians being oppressed
community faced unpleasant situations where they were refused from food packages on the basis of
their faith. Ultimately Churches, Christian organizations and individuals must contribute to fill this gap
and timely provide the humanitarian assistance.

ISAAC TV in Pakistan and well known outside the country not only has huge viewership but is working
to fulfill spiritual & physical needs of Christian community in Pakistan. The community looks up and
expecting support from ISAAC TV. Within a month thousands of messages are flooding in with heart-
wrenching real stories of afflicted where they were side-lined on the basis of their identity. How long will
they sustain while they await the government support?
Considering the situation, ISAAC TV team initiated the distribution of food bags in its humble capacity
within certain area but as the need is much bigger and the support is required on higher & wider scale
so each letter/message must be addressed. There is massive number of families countrywide who are
in dire need of food supplies and therefore, ISAAC TV is compelled to surge up the support and intends
to reach out half a million households of Christian community. It is a COMPASSION CALL where ISAAC
TV seeks partners who are sent from GOD.
Coronavirus ( People Help )